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Grande’ Beauty is a poet and writer born and raised in Columbus, Ga. Grande’ has been writing since the age of eight years old. She just released her first poetry book in January of this year. Grande' decided to take some of her favorite and most popular poems and publish them in her book entitled “Evidence of the Things Unseen”. The book is comprised of poems written from Grande' Beauty’s experiences in love, life and pain. She also shows her spirituality in poems like “Stay the Course” and “The Bible tells me so”. Women empowerment is especially important to this poet and you can feel her love and relatability for women all through the pages. Grande' wants to empower those that feel powerless and speak for those afraid to speak. Before releasing her book Grande' has many years of traveling doing her poetic pieces on stages. This spoken word artist released her first project “Memoirs of a Sultry Poetess” eight years ago and it is still the favorite of many people. She has shared stages with well-known poets like Georgia Me, Queen Sheba, Tommy Bottoms and Red Storm to name a few. She has written for magazines and websites. In 2015 she was selected by season twelve “American Idol” winner Candice Glover to open for her fan appreciation concert in South Carolina and she also has opened for George Tandy Jr. Grande` released her sophomore project “Evolve” in 2015 and went on to host shows and start a podcast “Point of View with Grande’ Beauty” that can be heard on all major streaming platforms. In 2015 she received a proclamation from her hometown that made April 7th officially “Grande' Beauty Day”. Amongst all this Grande' is an earring designer and owner of Simply Jewelnique. With so much going on if you haven’t heard about this beauty you have to be living on another planet. In addition to her book, she will be choosing a few of her favorites from it and releasing them as a soundtrack. Grande' chose to do this because she wants everyone to feel the words vibrate through their souls, “My thoughts come in like waves, and I want everyone to fell them washing upon the shores of their minds. This book is unapologetically me.”. You can purchase a copy of “Evidence of the Things Unseen” on Amazon. This multiple award winner poet just can’t be stopped.

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